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  • YOR 1–King Karl the Good founds The Realm
  • YOR 1085–Tower of Damnation destroyed by expedition from the Realm (future site of Emporion)
  • YOR 1135–Thranconia first settled by men from Karlsland
  • YOR 1202–Dukedoms of Thranconia and Great Vale established
  • YOR 1272–Principality of Algart is incorporated into the Realm
  • YOR 1303–City of Emporion founded on the long abandoned site of the Tower of Damnation
  • YOR 1401–Fortress Badabaskor founded in Great Vale
  • YOR 1495–Dukedom of Great Vale destroyed, returned to the Wild
  • YOR 1659–Town of Crossroads Tavern founded
  • YOR 1720–Regulus the Binder drives the Herporites from Quasequeton
  • YOR 1875–Cult of the Demi-god Angell take Badabaskor from a Thranconian garrison.
  • YOR 1993–Radmond founds Rathburg
  • YOR 1997–Bandits conquer Fortress Badabaskor, Cregan becomes “Duke”
  • YOR 1998–Duke Evard of Thranconia dies, succeeded by his wife Wilhelmina Pettibarn
  • YOR 1999–Baron Oscar founds Castle Valdburg
  • YOR 2001–Andelhelm founds Castle Crag
  • YOR 2008–The Deadly Master founds Sandburg Castle
  • YOR 2019–Date of the Campaign #1
  • YOR 2021–Beginning of Campaign #2
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