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Statistics Population: 2000 people; Military: Knights 20, Soldiers 80, Militia 400; Dirtbags: 80; Specials: 20; Facilities: Inns: 3, Taverns: 5, Temples: 1, Armorers: 2, Blacksmiths: 4, Alchemists: 1, Herbalists: 3, Building Company: 0, Mage Guild: 0, Gangs: 2

Temple of Lakshmi

Old Man Jenkins: independent armorer in the town, has 2 blacksmiths working with him (Pete and Tom): there is a 60% chance that he has any particular hand weapon from the list available, but always has 2-3 suits of chainmail and 20 or so shields. Takes special orders.

Burno Squampo: Dwarf armorer, works for the town marshal, shares workspace with Gummo, a dwarf blacksmith.

Mauro Benini: independent blacksmith, makes tools for town, shoes horses.

Habib the Wonderous: mysterious alchemist, has a large shop filled with exotic powders, potions, and tinctures. 75% chance that any particular alchemical substance available. Good source for magic-item, scroll or potion-making supplies.

The Old Inn: the is a large lodging as old as the town itself. It is a favorite of merchant-travelers coming through town. It has a large number of small rooms, each with a bunkbed set. Run by Jerry Innsman, 12th genertion innkeeper. Everything is systematized, enter lobby/booth, pay fee, get token with room number. Go to booth each day, before 10am to renew for another day. Same fee for room whether one or 2 people use it. There is a stable for horses.

Gramma Hazel's Bed and Breakfast: an inn popular with family travelers. Sweet old Gramma's rooms are expensive, but are very nice, very comfortable and come with a nice breaskfast. No drinking, smoking, or rude language allowed. There is a small corrale for guests' horses in the back.

Travelers' Barn: a drafty old barn with 2 large common areas for a cheap night's rest out of the elements. Popular with teamsters from caravans who find safety in numbers and drifters.

The Crossed Swords: well-kept tavern with fine dining and excellent wine. Has more or less been taken over by the Town Marshal and his bully knights. The owner, Winston Patridge, has managed to keep one of the dining rooms free of the bullies for paying customers, but hates and is terrified of the marshal.

The Crossroads Tavern: the oldest building in town, the tavern is an old stone blockhouse from the ancient city, once refurbished as a drinking den for bandits, wanderers and the occasional traveler. Now it's a reasonably respectable watering hole, mainly for travelers. Run by Slick Martin, an ambitious wheeler-dealer who won the property in a poker game with the former owner, over at the temple of Lakshmi.

Dumper's: This is a seedy dive bar, converted from 2 old cottages. It's popular among the less-respectable locals. The owner is a greasy stranger named Dumper, who may be half ogre, or maybe just big and ugly. One of the common reason for coming to Dumper's is to get “Liver-Squeezings”, and Dumper is always looking to buy fresh Owlbear carcasses.

The Frothery: beer joint popular with the caravan trade. One very long bar, no tables, serves nothing but beer. The owner is Bigs Maxwell, gets carried away in his brew-house out back, leaves the customer service to the head barman Joe Frink. The Frothery usually has a quantity of “Hercu-Beer” in stock.

Crom's Ghost Tavern: run by a berserker named Loud Olaf, this tavern is a favorite of those who are looking for trouble. Olaf is constantly shouting at each new person who enters the bar. The place is known for 3 weird drinks: Dead Berserker Ale, Boiling Grog, and Gut Buster brew, in addition to regular beer and mead. The last person who ordered wine was stuffed into a barrel and rolled down the street.

House of the Clear Horizon: herbalist shop run by Rengor the Half Elf. Rengor has a 75% chance of having any herb that heals or cures in stock (1d6 doses, aces). He also will have 1-6 packets of Grape Nuts for sale.

Witchburger's: herbalist shop run by a self-proclaimed witch named Dimitria. She has a 50% chance of having any herb in stock (1d6 doses, aces). She is also a poisoner who can produce common-level poisons, but she is very cagey about letting it be known.

The Natural Goodness of Pie: herbalist shop run by Orno Muntz. There is a 1/3 chance that he has any desired herb. But, he also bakes Awesome Pies, and he will have 1d4 for sale.

The Supply House: a general store that is likely to have most goods used by caravans and travelers. It sells new goods (65% chance of availability) and used goods (1 in 6 chance of defect). Sells used goods for 1/3 price, buys for 1/4 price. The owner is Rufus Tool. Also sells “Mountain Man Breakfast”, usually only 1-2 packages available.

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