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Dungeon Tasks

Searching a dungeon, safely opening doors and chests, and other tasks are common in a dungeon adventure. They involve time, and the cost of spending time is the risk of Wandering Monsters. Time is measured in 10-minute long TURNS (or Exploration Turns). Wandering Monsters, under normal circumstances, are checked every 2nd turn, with a monster arriving on a 6+ on 1d6. Each character can perform ONE of these tasks during any turn spent searching or dealing with the surroundings. No more than 1 character can perform the same task on the same object at the same time.

TaskAbility Check to Succeed Skill Check to Succeed Notes
Open Stuck Door or Chest d20 STR Buster
Pick Lock d20 DEX with acid Pick Locks see Breaking Things
Break Door or Chest d20 STR, multiple attemptsBustersee Breaking Things; More Frequent WM checks at +2
Check Door/Chest for Trapsd100 INTRemove Traps xxx
Check 60' hall for pits d100 WIS Stoneworkxxx
Check 20' wall for secret doors6 on 1d6Secret Door Expert Elves 5-6 on d6 without trying
Perform First Aidd100 WIS First Aidwithin first hour
Remove Trapxxx Remove Trap xxxx
Check door or chest for Poison d100 INTDetect Poisonxxx
Safely Search Dungeon GarbagexxxSearcher without skill, must receive consequence
Examine Books for WormsINT d100BibliophileWorms in “wormy” books are hard to see, damage is difficult to tell from normal time or water related damage
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