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In order to save his home, country squire Gordon of Boarswood needs to risk his life. A trained soldier, he is taking on the life of adventure to raise money to pay off crushing debt. He was immediately joined by his best friend Scobo, but unfortunately also his meat-head son-in-law Mallet and HIS best friend Maurice.

On an expedition against a goblin base, Gordon and Scobo were killed on April 25, YOR 2021. Scobo was poisoned by a needle-trap and then Gordon and 4 mercenaries were killed in a fight with 4 hobgoblins.

Mission-1: Gordon-1 They take down the Purple Vomit gang in the mines of Hrim, deciding that the adventuring life can be profitable as they'd guessed.

Mission-2: Gordon-2 The team raids the Abandoned Temple of the Pudding God, where Zubazoo is almost killed.

Interlude-1: Gordon Interlude-1 A description of what the gang is up to between adventures.

Mission-3 Gordon-3 Gordon and Scobo perish trying to wipe out goblin dungeon.

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