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Masterwork weaponry are combat items that are superior to ordinary arms, but are not “magic weapons” in the sense that they can be used to hit monsters that are immune to non-magical arms.


  • Dragon Mail: this set of scale mail, made from the hide of a dragon or similar beast, acts as regular chainmail but is immune to rust monsters 300gp.
  • Rowan Shield: this shield can be sacrificed allowing a missed saving throw to be re-rolled. 300gp.
  • Shining Helmet: this helmet is polished and silvered to a gleaming shine. A medusa fighting someone who is wearing it is subject to her own gaze attack (the wearer still is too). While wearing this helmet it is impossible to hide in sunlit areas. 250gp.
  • Shining Shield: this shield is polished and silvered to a gleaming shine. Someone fighting a medusa while using this shield can attack without meeting her gaze, but doesn't get the shield AC bonus. The shield can also be used to reflect light as a signal. 300gp.
  • Sturdy Shield: this shield can be used to make a shield sacrifice twice before breaking to pieces. 100gp.


  • AP Mace: a mace or Warhammer can be made even more dangerous to defeat plate armor, gaining a +1 to damage against targets wearing that armor (or monsters with thick shells (like turtles, beetles or crabs). 400gp.
  • Broad-Blade Spear a high-quality spear with a broad stabbing head. When used in 2-hands it inflicts an additional +1 damage to human/humanoid/demi-human targets in leather or no armor, or mammalian animals with AC 6 or worse (like giant weasels, wolves, boar etc.). 400gp.
  • Mail-piercing arrows: such arrows get +1 to damage against targets in chainmail or reptilian creatures with scaly hides (like dragons, giant lizards and lizardmen). 200gp for 20 arrows.
  • Mail-Piercing Spear: a spear can be made with a narrow, mail-piercing head that offers the user a +1 to damage against enemies wearing chainmail or reptilian monsters with scaly hides (like dragons, giant lizards and lizardmen). 400gp.
  • Sharp-Bladed Sword: a sword or short sword can be made with a superior cutting edge. Such a blade scores +1 to hit against humans/humanoids/demi-humans in leather armor or no armor at all, and animals with an AC of 7 or worse (like wolves, camels, giant weasels, most hounds etc.). 400gp.
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