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An experimental idea

After each significant combat is over (Judge’s Call), roll once on the following table.

1d20 Roll Effect
1 Broken Bone
2-3 Bleeder
4-5 Broken Armor
6-7 String
8-9 Arrows
10-13 Broken Weapon
14 Lost Item
15-16 Bonus
17-19 Just a Scratch
20 Victor’s Vitality

Broken Bone: one character has a broken Arm (50%) or a Broken Leg (50%).
Bleeder: one character’s wound is steadily bleeding, losing 1 Hp per turn until death or staunch. Such a wound can be staunched by Magic Healing of any kind, a successful First Aid skill roll, or a Hard (1d100) Wisdom check. Only one attempt may be made per turn
Broken Armor: each character rolls 1d6, if he rolls 5+, his suit of armor is degraded by 2 AC until it is repaired (Repairman Skill or visit to an armorer). Magic armor immune.
String: each character rolls 1d6, if he rolls 5+, he has his bow string, crossbow string or sling snapped.
Arrows: each character realizes somehow his ammunition supply is down 10 arrows.
Broken Weapon: each character rolls 1d6 for each weapon used in the fight. The weapon will be damaged if sword, dagger, great sword or mace on a 6, any other weapon on a 4+. Magic weapons immune. A Repairman Skill roll will fix it.
Lost Item: one character realizes he has lost one item at random. It won’t be armor worn, shield or weapon used in the fight.
Bonus: roll one extra level-appropriate treasure, found in unexpected place
Just a Scratch: one character has taken half as much damage as he thought.
Victor’s Vitality: all characters and henchmen in the party healed 1d6 from exhilaration

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