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Self-described tactical genius. Whacking people on the back of the head to make an honest living is his goal.

Rampage Version

Class/Level: Thief-3
Species: half-orc
Alignment: Neutral
AC 12 (leather)
Hp: 12
Move 30 (currently maxed out in encumbrance before dropping 5’)
Attack Bonus: +2
STR-11, INT-8, WIS-10, DEX-13, CON-11, CHA-10
Languages: Common, Orcish
Skills: (d4); Thief Skills, Quick Draw, Searcher
Special Feature: Brawler (does 1d4 lethal or subdual with fists)

Short bow,+2 range 50/100/150, 1d6 damage, 2 shots if don't move
Dagger, +2, 1d4 damage, range 10/20/30, AM, FD, H
Morning stat, +2, 1d8 damage, AM

Gear: leather armor, short bow, morning star, quiver of 20 arrows inc 2 silver arrow, dagger x2, lock picks, backpack, clothes, food bag 7 days rations, wineskin 2 pints, money bag, 2 sacks, tangler x1

Gold: 11

Blueholme Version

Class/Level: Thief-3
Species: Half-Orc
Alignment: Neutral

STR-11, INT-8, Wis-10, Dex-13, Con-11, Cha-10

Languages: Common, Orcish
+1 to hit with missiles, Darkvision, +5% xp

Skills: Thief Skills, Searcher, Quick Draw, Tracker
Special Feature: Brawler (does 1d4 lethal or subdual with fists)

AC-7 (leather)
Hp: 10
Move: 30' (currently maxed out on gear)

Morningstar: SR-6, 1d8 damage, 2-handed, Knockdown if scores 5+ damage, requires 5' clear space to swing
Dagger: SR-1, 1d4 damage, 1-handed, throw 10/20/30
Short Bow: range 50/100/150, 1d6 damage, 2 shots possible if no move

Gear: leather armor, lock picks (thieves' tools), Morningstar, shortbow, quiver of 20 arrows, including 2 silver arrows, dagger, money pouch, back pack, food bag 5 rations, wineskin 2 pints, devil grease x1, tanglefoot bag x1,


Gold: 11

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