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“I'll Show You!”
“Better than any man!”

Class/Level: Fighter-2

Species: Amazon

Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR-13, INT-9, Wis-7, Dex-10, Con-12, Cha-10

Languages: Common
+5% xp

Skills: Quick Draw, Monster Hunter

Special Feature: Good Judge of Horseflesh, any horse she buys has +1 Hp per HD.

AC-2 (plate and shield)
Hp: 16
Move: 30'

Sword: SR4, 1d6 damage
Dagger: SR-1, 1d4 damage, 1-handed, throw 10/20/30
Short Bow: range 50/100/150, 1d6 damage, 2 shots possible if no move

Gear: shiny helmet, plate armor, shield, sword, shortbow, quiver of 20 arrows including 2 silver arrows, dagger, money pouch, back pack, food bag 5 rations, wineskin 2 pints,

XP - 3196 (4001 for third level)
(2600 + 200XP and 396GP for 2021.07.11 adventure)

Gold: 247

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