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Zerkwad is a berserker cleric from the tribes of berserkers in the Vestkrag mountains. He is very superstitious. He won't sleep around live birds. He refuses to steal from the dead - except from the undead in which case he takes EVERYTHING because those monsters deserve to have nothing in the afterlife. He won't step on cracks in masonry. He won't adventure on the sabbath day. The sabbath is not the same day every week. He always drinks with his left hand. He won't step on other peoples' shadows, unless he wants them to die a horrible death in the future. He believes he has already died once and come back to life, but that is debatable because he may have just been REALLY drunk. Spitting into the darkness makes the lords of shadows allow mortals to see in the pitch black.

Zerkwad believes that halflings are cursed evil-people. He hates them with a passion and refuses to deal with them. Zerkwad doesn't read, and believes that books will drain the life from you through the power of the written word. Zerkwad has a terrible phobia of snakes and believes that foul humors falling from above into his face and mouth is a good omen. He refuses to wear a bag over his head unless under the open night sky of stars in which case it is important to do so. He is angry at fish people. They are the worst kind of people. Zerkwad has a fear of mirrors. He believes that the “duplicate” inside the mirror wants to murder him in his sleep. Lighting an open flame in a candle shop before nighttime is a bad idea because it invokes the attention of evil spirits.

Character Sheet

Class/Level: Cleric - 5
AC: 18 (Plate and Shield)
HP: 20
Base move 30'; In armor: 25'
Species: Human
Saving Throw: 10

Initiate of Isis & Osiris
Turn Undead
Alignment: Lawful

STR-16, INT-10, WIS-13, DEX-11, CON-14, CHA-10
+1 Damage with melee and hurled weapons
+3 Base Attack Bonus

Adventuring Skills: Recruitment, Alchemy, Shield Sacrifice, Berserk Rage
Languages: Common
Permanent Wound: -1 CON


Gold: 183gp

XP: 20,000 (30,000 @ 6th)


Gear: plate armor and helmet, sturdy shield, silvered mace, sling and a dozen bullets - six silvered, clothes, money bag holding 500 coins, food bag 5 rations, two two-pint wineskins, backpack, belts and scabbards, two emergency sacks, light wand attached to his shield, holy symbol (ankh), crowbar, 2x Rod of Deal Light Wounds (1D6+1 once per day)
- 13/16 things carried

Gear left at home: dragon scale armor (as chain), shiny silver helmet, spell book of cleric spells, bag of caltrops, regular mace, balance of coins not in money bag

Current Healing

  • 10 x Potion of Heal Wounded
  • 1 x Neutralize Poison Potion
  • 1 x White Lotus
  • 1 x Remove Disease Potion
  • 2 x Pints of Wine (healing 1 1 xbattle)
  • 6 x Comfrey root (healing 1d4 1xday)
  • 4 x Woundwart (healing an extra point if you rest for a day)
  • 3 x Liver Squeezins (1d4 emergency healing / 1 in 20 for blindness cumulative)
  • 0 x Essence of Krangor (If breathed in, 75% chance that it will instantly impart 6 temporary hit points but 25% it will do 1d3 damage instead)

COSTS: Cure Light Wounds (100 each to make + 1 week, 200gp each from temple), Neutralize Poison Potion (800gp from temple, 200 to make + 1 week), Remove Disease Potion (700gp from temple), Comfrey Root (10 gp), Essence of Krangor (150gp), Pint of Wine (5sp), White Lotus (100gp)

Herbals Bag

4x Assassin's Hemp (for morale of NPCs), 3x Birthwart (for poison), 2x Belladonna (for lycanthropy), 1x Chaulmoogra Oil (for oozes), 1x Garlic (for making vampires cringe), 4x Goldenrod (25% to cure a disease), 1x Wolfsbane (for turning lycanthropes), 3x Tamarid (for mummy rot)


  • Potion of defense (+2 AC for 1d6+6 turns)
  • 2x Potion of Dimunation (1/10 everything for 1d6+6 turns)
  • 2 x Holy Water (25gp each)
  • Potion of Darkvision (for 1d6+6 turns)
  • Potion of Heroism (This potion gives the drinker a +2 bonus to attack and damage for 1d6+6 turns)
  • Dust of Appearance (25 uses)


Spells Memorized: (1st Level - 2, 2nd Level - 2, Lawful - 1, Blessing - 1):

1st Level

  • Bless Food and Water
  • Heal Wounded (x2)

2nd Level

  • Neutralize Poison
  • Speak with Animals
  • Protection from Chaos

Maintenance Log

Paid Maintenance for Paid Maintenance for 03/07/2021 game (150gp)
Paid Maintenance for 04/03/2021 game (150gp)
Paid Maintenance for 04/10/2021 game (21gp = 3 HD / 7 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 05/01/2021 game (54gp = 3 HD / 18 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 05/16/2021 game (21gp = 3HD / 14 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 06/27/2021 game (164gp = 4HD / 41 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 08/22/2021 game (56gp = 4HD / 28 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 09/05/2021 game (35gp = 5HD / 14 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 09/19/2021 game (35gp = 5HD / 14 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 10/03/2021 game (52.5gp = 5HD / 21 Days)
Paid Maintenance for 10/17/2021 game (52.5gp = 5HD / 21 Days)

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