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B-II The Badlands

This is an open, lawless zone, ravaged by the wars between Dengwur, Portchester and the Old Ones. The largest settlement is Bastardville (Class V), a mean, decadent village that serves the needs of a large gang of bandits led by a fierce outlaw named Lucius Bastardo. Bastardo has troops of cavalry, infantry and even some griffon-riders who loot the lands about and extort the caravans that travel from Orchester to Portchester. The river-island nearby once contained the provincial capital, Noviodunum, but is now called the Island of the Dead and is filled with undead monsters. There are several small settlements and fortresses, some like Hod, Squatter's Corners, and Boscovania are full of colonists, exiles and outlaws from Portchester, others like The Doom Troopers, The Grand Temple of 1000 Demons, and the Warlock Keep are part of Dengwur's empire, and still others like Rageburg and Therkish outposts are settlements of barbarian outsiders. The forest villages of Volen and Noton are elf hamlets, owing allegiance to the Queen of Elfwood.

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