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Disciples of Invincible Dengwur

History:This order was founded by the sorcerer Dengwur when he established his kingdom after the fall of the Ardean Empire. The goal of the order is to discover the fate and location of Dengwur and restore him to his throne, then to clear away the hated Nasenna.

Requirements: Members are either Mages, Warlocks or Witches of Chaotic alignment. Members must take the Collegiate Wizardry Proficiency (Dengwur) Benefits: Members have access to the library and workshop at Dengwur's tower, are treated as nobility in the realm of Dengwur, and have access to certain secret magics.

Rules: Any member of the Disciples is obliged to obey the order of a higher level member, or be willing to fight to the death about it. He also must make a human sacrifice at the Tower of Dengwur (or another approved location) once each year. Also, he must never show mercy to a Lawful creature (especially Clerics, Blade-dancers, Mystics and Paladins), nor to any Nasenna or Orc.

Garb: If he is wearing the Blood Red Robe of the Order, a member gains +2 on reaction rolls from goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears, but -2 on reactions from orcs and Nasenna.

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