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 +**Disciples of Invincible Dengwur**
 +__History__:​This order was founded by the sorcerer Dengwur when he established his kingdom after the fall of the Ardean Empire. ​  The goal of the order is to discover the fate and location of Dengwur and restore him to his throne, then to clear away the hated Nasenna. ​
 +__Requirements:​__ ​ Members are either Mages, Warlocks or Witches of Chaotic alignment. ​ Members must take the Collegiate Wizardry Proficiency (Dengwur)
 +Benefits: ​ Members have access to the library and workshop at Dengwur'​s tower, are treated as nobility in the realm of Dengwur, and have access to certain secret magics. ​     ​
 +__Rules:__ Any member of the Disciples is obliged to obey the order of a higher level member, or be willing to fight to the death about it.   He also must make a human sacrifice at the Tower of Dengwur (or another approved location) once each year.  Also, he must never show mercy to a Lawful creature (especially Clerics, Blade-dancers,​ Mystics and Paladins), nor to any Nasenna or Orc.    ​
 +__Garb:__ If he is wearing the Blood Red Robe of the Order, a member gains +2 on reaction rolls from goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears, but -2 on reactions from orcs and Nasenna.
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