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THE DWARVES: The dwarven craft-priests originally worshiped the mysterious ancestral dwarven gods. The dwarven names for these gods were always a secret, but, for example, when the dwarves discussed their Smith-God with their Northron neighbors, they would call him Wayland, the name of the Northron smith god. Likewise, they'd call him Vulcan when talking to Ardeans. However, when Saint Jack the Good had finished his missionary work for the Church of Law among the dwarves, a rupture occurred among the craft-priests. About half the dwarven communities converted to the Church of Law, and the craft-priests of those communities became clergy of the Church of Bor. The other half continued to worship the ancestral neutral gods.

THE ELVES AND GNOMES: Elves and Gnomes have no clergy or formal religion at all. Most Elves and Gnomes are neutral and have no religious practice, but have been known to frequent druidic and gothi ceremonies of their human neighbors. Some elves and gnomes do convert to the Church of Bor but never become clergy. Some Lawful clergy are uneasy around elves, since the Light Elves are known to be the companions of the pagan gods. Everyone is uneasy around gnomes, of course.

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