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Feggenbel of Tower Graf

When the wizard Graf was slain by assasins 5 years ago, his tower in the northern Badlands was reoccupied by Feggenbel, a wizard or uncertain origins. Many inhabitants of the southern shires of Portchester blame Feggenbel and his dungeons for the increase of monster attacks.

Feggenbel is actually very friendly to visitors and travelers. He will never say much about himself, other than he is a simple and humble quester after knowledge. He often invites adventurers to raid the dungeon complex near his tower; the deal being that the adventurers can keep the treasure, if they deliver him monsters parts of his experiments.

He is tall, beefy and brown-haired (thus of Ardean ancestry) and wears a full beard and mustache. He typically wears a green robe and broad-brimmed green hat.

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