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Goblins are twisted, short, cowardly and cruel humanoids created by Chaotic spell-casters using a spell called “Create Goblins.” This spell uses the blood of sacrificial animals to serve as a vessel for a minor demonic spirit to enter the world into a physical form. It is rumored that Dengwur created a magical artifact that causes a hidden underground lake to issue forth goblins at a steady rate. It is also said that there are other magic artifacts that do a similar thing. Once created, the goblins are mortal creatures. They are all hermaphrodites and can mate with each other. 80% of the offspring of goblin matings are goblins, but the other 20% are the more robust Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins can also mate with each other and produce more hobgoblins. The Bugbears, a larger, hairier sort of goblin, are said to have been created by Dengwur's magical combination of hobgoblins and actual black bears. Goblins created by sorcery are said to dissolve into a puddle of blood when slain, but goblins of subsequent generations do not do so. All three goblin races have intense hatred for elves, dwarves, gnomes and all manner of orcs and their kin.

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