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COMMON: a recently developed language combining features of Northron, Westerling and Ardean. Most humans and halflings in the North Western corner of the world speak Common as their everyday language, and most dwarves and elves know at least enough to get by. Speakers of common can get the gist of about 50% of what is said or written in Ardean, Northron and Westerling (and vice versa).

ARDEAN: also known as Centrales, it was the language of the fallen Ardean Empire, and still most books to be found in Gatavia are written in that tongue. It is still spoken in the states to the south, along the central sea. It is also used for most international communication by the Church of Bor, and is the official language of the Order of Silver Stars.

EASTERLING: language of the Easterling kingdoms and nomad tribes. It is most commonly heard among the Therk and Chun nomads in Gatavia, as well as at the Cavano trading post. Since the goblins in Gatavia were mostly created by Dengwur and his followers, and Dengwur was Therkish, most goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears in Gatavia speak a degenerate form of Easterling.

SOUTHRON: Language of the Southron nations of today and the past. A dialect of Southron is the language of the Zaharan exiles in Gatavia.

NORTHRON: language of the Northron kingdoms and tribes found to the North and North-east of Gatavia. It is very common for Northron vikings to appear along the coast, and for raiders and migrants to enter the eastern border of Gatavia.

WESTERLING: the language of the Westerling tribes of the world. The Caturiges tribe of western Gatavia are members of this race, but most members now speak accented Common, but understand Westerling quite well. Their cousins, the Savages speak a debased form of Westerling.

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