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HUMANS, NOBIRAN and HALFLINGS: Humans, Nobirans and Halflings will speak Common, and if their background indicates, allow them to speak one of the other human languages. For example, if the character is from the Caturiges tribe, allow him to speak Westerling too.

DWARVES: Dwarves will speak Common, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Shisharn and Easterling (goblin dialect)

ELVES: Elves will speak Common, Elvish, Trollish, Shisharn, Easterling (hobgoblin dialect) and Nash

GNOMES: Gnomes will speak Common, Dwarf, Elf, Shisharn and Easterling (goblin dialect).

THRASSIANS: Thrassians will speak Common and Shisharn.

ORKIN: Orkin will speak Common and Nash.

ZAHARAN: Zaharans speak Common, Southron, Nash, and Easterling

NEANDERTHALS Neanderthals speak Common and Neanderthal, but cannot read or write unless they spend a proficiency slot.

BONUS LANGUAGES: In addition to the base languages, add 1 additional language of character's choice for each point of Intelligence Bonus. Any character with INT of 9+ can read and write, but any character with INT of 8 or less cannot.

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