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Noviodunum is the name of an island in the River Patronus that was the home of one of the northernmost reaches of the Ardean empire. It controlled trade downriver to the North, and was known as a hub for trade and adventure. However in 1219 the Sorcerer Dengwur destroyed Noviodunum by demonic magic turning it into a literal hell on earth. The temple of 1000 Devils was instituted, and undead wandered freely across the island created from all the lost souls slain by plague and devil magic. For over three centuries it was renamed the “Island of the Dead”.

In 1431 the Skull Collectors reclaimed the island, and Amicus took on the responsibility of rehabilitating the fallen wonder of the ancient world. Amicus immediately built a stronghold just across the river from Yoesville that was nicknamed “The Foothold”. That way, he can carry forays out into the island to drive off any remaining undead legions. It is made primarily of earthworks built using the Spade of Colossal Excavation, along with a wooden palisade and towers and a series of basic barracks. A large stone building will act as Amicus' first fortified church on the island until the undead threat is removed completely.

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