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In the earliest age of the world, it was ruled by a civilization of Serpent-men who worshiped a powerful clan of mighty dragons as their gods. Today, the serpent-men themselves are little more than a legend, spoken of by elves and learned wizards. But, the allies and servants of the serpent-men still exist. The Lizard-men (sometimes called Thrassians) are the most prominent, scattered in tribes in the swamps, jungles, caves and deserts of the world. The kobolds are likewise commonly encountered across the world. The kobolds were created by the serpent-men crossbreeding dogs and smaller lizard-men. Dragons, lizard-men and kobolds all speak the ancient language of the serpent-men, in a simplified form, to be sure. All the reptiles bear a grudge against elves for their overthrow of the serpent-men empire.

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