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This is a secret roadmap page to discuss how we plan to “wind down” the Gatavia Campaign

Here is my current skeleton. Please add and/or edit as you all have ideas:

Jason GM

  • The clockwork horrors attack forcing the Skull Coalition to take the Temple of Mars Ultores.

Andrew GM

  • Portchester breaks the truce with the Old Ones.
    • The Sword king is slain and the Scepter king declares himself the singular king and refuses to hold a new election.
    • The new king musters his armies and attacks into the lands of the Old Ones. The Old Ones retaliate, flanking the attacking army by rising out of their tunnels.
    • Perhaps this is all engineered by agents of Dengwur to start a war with his old enemies?
    • These events will happen behind the scenes.
  • Meanwhile, the Skull Collectors completely wreck Milton's Murder Men, only to learn about Portchester's problems.
  • The Skull Collectors sneak into the secret facility the lawful church is using to store the artifacts taken from Murderface and Tiberio.
  • The Temple of Mars Ultores gives The Skull Coalition the means to help save Portchester from the Old Ones.
    • However, an elite group must sneak into Portchester to activate the Augur's tower there at considerable risk.
  • The Skull Collectors are welcomed back to Portchester as heroes after being proven the slayers of those that caused war with the Old Ones.
  • Dwarven slaves of the Old Ones, used for mining all the tunnels that the Old Ones had used for centuries, are liberated by Murderface and the coalition.
    • The dwarves help to engineer the Old Ones' fall because they are underestimated.

Dave GM

  • The Skull collectors fight big stand-up battles against Dengwur's henchmen.
    • Dengwur's land falls, and Dengwur's current incarnation is killed, but the Skull Collectors learn that it takes much more than just slaying Dengwur to kill him. He must be banished from the material plane of existence like a demon.
    • The Skull Collectors learn a surprising secret about Dengwur's origin, which leads them to the secret of banishing him forever

Automated GM

  • Dengwur takes over Orchester in a bloodless coup.
    • He brings in Therks to act as secret police.
    • Many of the leaders of Orchester are charmed or turned into undead in order to serve Dengwur
    • We get Bob to decide between several versions of Dengwur and actually play him.
    • Lots of demons, including another one or two of the obelisk demons
  • The Skull Collectors must fight their way through Therk lands to Orchester to drive Dengwur from the mortal plane for good, leaving him to wander the demon pits of hell forever (forever?)

Excellent roadmap. How about proposing a session and GM breakdown? I agree we need to hit 50 sessions, but make that a minimum, not necessarily an ending goal.–Dave

The clockwork horrors, and the temple of Mars Ultores, will take maybe two or three sessions (or more), depending on clever planning (or lack thereof). I'm thinking I'll expand what was to be a lightning round encounter into something far more…sinister.-Jason

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