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the chaotic cults worship a dizzying number of demons, devils and so-called chaotic gods (powerful demons). The claims of these cults are that death leads to the Abyss forever for everyone, but that those who follow demons will be protected by those demons and may rise to be great demons themselves one day. The demons offer power and license in this world and more in the next. Some cults are led by warlocks others by chaotic clerics, others by the more depraved sort of witch, and there are even rumors of cults led by a line of corrupt blade dancers . These cults are uniformly vile, corrupt and depraved. Anyone who joins a chaotic cult must immediately change alignment to chaotic. One particular cult of note is the Cult of the Great Worm, who worship the giant Purple Worms as gods, and preach the overthrow of the social order. This cult is led by members of the Wormpriest class.

Below are a list of some of the common Demons and Chaos Cults: Demogorgon, Jubliex, Yeenoghu, Orcus, Dispater, Asmodeus, Geryon, Baalzebul, The Cult of the 12 Demons, The Cult of the 1000 Devils, The Unholy Feaster, The Great Spider, The Dragon Lord, The Great Worm

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