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THE HIGH GODS There are 12 Neutral (pagan)gods that are worshiped in one form or another across the world, below is a list of their names in various languages and their functions. (A–Ardean, N–Northron, W–Westerling, E-Easterling, S–Southron)

The Thunder God (air) A–Jupiter, N–Thunor, W–Taranis, E–Marduk S–Ammon

The Lady of Stars (sovereignty) A–Juno, N–Frea W–Mab, E–Inanna S–Enit

The Lord of Light (sun) A–Apollo, N–Baldaeg, W–Lug, E–Mitra, S–Ra

The Lady of the Moon A–Diana, N–Ostara, W–Morrigan, E–Astarte, S–Bast

The Lord of War A–Mars, N–Tiwaz, W–Nodens, E–Nergal, S–Horus

The Master of Wisdom A–Mercury, N–Woden, W–Gwydion, E–Varuna, S–Thoth

The Goddess of Love (fertility) A–Venus, N–Frigga, W–Rigatona, E–Ishtar, S–Isis

The Lord of Growth (fertility) A–Saturn, N–Fricco, W–Bran, E–Enki, S–Osiris

The Lord of Waters A–Neptune, N–Oegir, W–Lir, E–Napat, S–Geb

The Celestial Smith (fire) A–Vulcan, N–Wayland, W–Govannon, E–Tubal, S–Ptah

Mother Earth A–Terra, N–Nerthuz, W–Danu, E–Ki, S–Hathor

The Lady of Thought A–Minerva, N–Holda, W–Sulis, E–Anat, S–Neith


The single Lawful god also has a different name in each of the major languages:

Ardean: Primus Auctor

Northron: Bor

Westerling: Aesus

Easterling: High Father

Southron: El Gabal

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