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The Order of Shadow

History: this is a world-wide body of mages who have an abiding interest in illusion. Most illusion magic has enter the arcane world through their efforts. It is unknown how long the group has existed or if they have some secret agenda. The current local head of the order is Nigel Mysterio of Portchester.

Requirements: to join, a mage must either have the Collegiate Wizardry (Shadow) proficiency or must have the Illusion Resistance Proficiency. Once in the order, he is expected to pay 5% of his income yearly to the order as dues. He also may be required once a year to do some favor for the order.

Benefits: members have access to the secret libraries of the Order, one of which is in Portchester. Also, once per year any member may call on the Order to do him a favor. At third level, the order will teach any member the Phantasmal Force spell, and expect him to make that the first in his 2nd level repertoire. If a member loses his spell book for some reason, the order will provide him, for free, any first, second and/or third level illusion spells he desires.

Garb: At formal meetings, each member is expected to wear a multi-colored robe (at least one color per experience level) with a black hooded cloak over-top.

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