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The Order of the Violet Lotus

History: the Order of the Violet Lotus was founded in the distant past in one of the ancient Easterling Kingdoms. It has been around for so long that members now can be found anywhere in the civilized world. The order is dedicated to gathering magical knowledge for its own sake.

Requirements: a character must take the proficiency “Collegiate Wizardry: Violet Lotus” in order to be a member. Members must be neutral in alignment and remain so. No member may undertake a quest or obey a command from a Cleric, Druid, Warlock or any other user of Divine Magic. A member must not harm fellow members, and must render them assistance as far as practical. A member must always obey the orders and requests of the master that trained him, and must avenge that master's death if he is violently slain.

Benefits: the bond between Lotus masters and students is strong, and if a master has a library or laboratory the student can expect to make use of it. Also, a master is very likely to help a student replace a lost spell book.

Garb: Members of the Lotus wear a violet robe on all formal occasions. Some members will wear it at all times, others only on occasion.

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