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Thunderbolt Riposte (2nd Level Divine)

This spell only works on a neutral humanoid. It gives the target the ability to use their full attack routine against an opponent who has just attacked them once per melee round. The riposte happens simultaneously to the attack, so it counts as going off on the attacker's initiative. The target neutral humanoid may still use their normal round on their own initiative score that they normally act on.

A crackle of thunder accompanies the spell effect. If the player doesn't make a rolling thunder sound before rolling the dice the magical free attack automatically misses.

  • Target's attack routine doubled = 20
  • Willing Creature x1
  • Only creatures targeted x0.8
  • Beneficial Effect x1
  • Divine x1.25
  • Range Touch x1
  • Duration 1 turn per level x1

20 * 1 * .8 * 1.25 = 20

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