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The Mutants and Muskets campaign revolves around the idea of Missions. At the end of each session, the players will decide upon a mission for the next session. Each available mission has a Task (general material goal concerning what must be done) and a Benefit (advantage gained if mission accomplished). Some Missions might also have a pre-requisite, some other mission or advancement that must be finished first. Below is a list of pre-defined technological missions, that will give players access to better weapons or other equipment, but additional missions can also be developed (e.g. dealing with a particular enemy, fending off an attack on Scarptown etc.).

Pre-Defined Missions: missions.pdf

Completed Missions: Leather Shop (March 2055), Rabies Cure (April 2055); Metalworks (June 2055), Expanded Distillery (August 2055), Powder Mill (October 2055), Improved Metalworks (November 2055). Chem Lab (December 2055), Gun Shop (January 2056), Improved Gun Shop (January 2056), Catridge Works (March 2056)

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