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Mutants & Muskets

This wiki is the main source of information for the Mutants and Muskets game.

THE CAMPAIGN IS NOW COMPLETE (August 2013), check the log page below to see the summaries of each of the sessions of the campaign.


In the year 2015, a widespread disaster swept the Earth. Radioactive explosions ripped through the atmosphere at points all across the globe; no one was ever sure whether they were man-made, exterrestial, or meteoric in origin. The immediate effect was to destroy all electronic forms of communication and all sorts of power generation and transmission. Over the next few years, starvation, plague and mutation devastated the world's population and a horrible dark age ensued.

The campaign begins 40 years later. In North Eastern Texas, a community of survivors, protected by a natural escarpment, have survived and have begun to thrive. However, the town marshal and council have figured that many of the relic resources they have counted on are giving out and the community is going to have to send teams back out into the wider world to procure the things needed to keep the town alive and to allow it to grow. So, he has begun to pick teams of “Outlanders” to undertake missions in the wilds.

The player characters will be members of the Outlander teams, and each session will be tasked with completing a mission, which, if successful, will open up new resources and options for the members of the teams. The game will be played using the Savage Worlds game system.




The Region


The Current State of Things

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