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Here are posted all of the game session logs for the campaign:

Episode 1: “Ass Rabies” mutants_1.pdf

Episode 2: “Meet the Mutants” mutants_2.pdf

Episode 3: “Where I kill everyone, including the dog” mutants_3.pdf

Episode 4: “The Horrible Secret of the Ape Men” mutants_4.pdf

Episode 5: “Cowboys and Hareballs” mutants_5.pdf

Episode 6: “You've Shot the Invisible Swordsman” mutants_6.pdf

Episode 7: “Puma Steaks” mutants_7.pdf

Episode 8: “Pooh and the Magical Beaver” mutants_8.pdf

Episode 9: “Old Cookie Swanson: Deadliest Gun in the West” mutants_9.pdf

Episode 10: “A Talking Bear, Crab People and Shit” mutants_10.pdf

Episode 11: “Master Ant vs. King Centipede” mutants_11.pdf

Episode 12: “Road Trip: TO TERROR” mutants_12.pdf

Episode 13: “Alas Poor Weasel” mutants_13.pdf

Episode 14: “I take a shot at a crab person to try to save Frank Sinatra's life” mutants_14.pdf

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