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Current Date: June 1, 2056

Player Positions: all player characters are members of the Scarptown Outlander Squad

Equipment: any player character or Outlander NPC can acquire any of the items below for his personal use, up to his carrying capacity in weight for “free” at the beginning of any game session.

Available Missile Weapons: sling, bad short bow, bad crossbow, good crossbow, all thrown weapons, zip gun, bad pistol, good pistol, bad musket, good musket, long rifle, blunderbuss Ammunition Available: arrows and crossbow bolts, powder and shot for all black-powder weapons, catridges for all sorts of catridge firearms.

Available Melee Weapons: all melee weapons

Available Armor: padded coat, leather jacket, boiled leather breastplate, metal studded coat, basic metal breastplate, basic metal helmet, good metal breastplate, good metal helmet

Available Explosives: black powder grenado, big black bomb, Molotov Cocktail (see below), bad cannon, dynamite, poor grenade, flame thrower

Whiskey and Molotovs: at the beginning of each mission, the Outlander team can ask for 2d6 gallons of whiskey from the marshal's stores, that die roll can ace (but only once). Any gallon can be swapped for 2 molotov cocktails, if desired. Any gallon can be swapped for 2 gallons of diesel fuel.


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