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The Dwarf clans of the OSTKRAGS are in constant low-level warfare with the goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears who live among the same mountains. Do you dare climb the peaks, delve into the holes and help these sturdy folk against the deprivations of the goblins?

Status: Can the dwarves of Fhanster Delving find the goblin stronghold? They are unsuccessful thus far. Stay tuned!

The Stout Striders

The Stout Striders were recruited to continue the work of the Iron Scouts and perhaps learn their ultimate fate. These characters are created using DLN Rampage rules.

The Iron Scouts

In late March YOR 2021, the Iron Scouts were presumed dead after going missing for over two weeks searching for the location of the goblin stronghold in the Ostkrags.


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