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SR: each melee weapon has an S-R number (size-rating) with basically an expression of the weapons effective combat length/reach with some account of its mass too. Smaller numbers (Dagger=1) are short and fast; larger numbers (pike=12) are long and slow.

In the melee attack phase, if it is the first round when combat has been joined by these combatants, then the larger S-R strikes first. In subsequent rounds, the smaller number goes first.

On the second and further rounds of combat, if one combatant has a weapon that is 4-7 lower in S-R, then he may make 2 attacks. If he has a weapon that is 8 or more lower in S-R, then he may make 3 attacks.

If two combatants are using weapons with the same S-R, then DEXTERITY is used to determine order.

If armed combatants are fighting creatures that don’t use weapons, the armed combatants strike first in the first round of contact, and the subsequent turns rely on DEXTERITY.

A combatant who is climbing a ladder or climbing over a rampart or barrier always attacks after a defender at the top or on the other side.

Damage: damage for various weapons is not limited to 1d6. As a general principal, light weapons do 1d4, Normal Weapons used in 1 hand do 1d6, and Heavy Weapons and most 2-handed Normal weapons do 1d8. There are some exceptions to this guideline.

Hands: a one-handed weapon allows the use of a shield in the second hand. Two-handed weapons prevent shield use. A character can have a different one-handed weapon in each hand, allowing choice of which to use in any round. Some weapons can be used in either 1 or 2 hands and might have different S-R and Damage depending on how it is used.

Parry: a combatant can give up one of his attacks to make a parry, giving the enemy a -2 to hit, but Light Weapons cannot parry Heavy Weapons.

See the OTHER WEAPON NOTES and REACH WEAPONSand CHARGE and Knock Down and Pin pages for more specific weapon actions.

See this PDF for the details on all of the armor and weapon pieces used in the Thranconia Campaign. armor_and_weapons_tables.pdf

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