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Up to Gnome Good

(This group was designed for solo play and play testing by Dave N.)

This is a band of dedicated treasure-hunters, who don't much care where they find it or from whom they take it.

The group has strict entry qualifications, you must be a gnome, you must be neutral in alignment, and you must be a thief or thief combination.

The group was founded in February, YOR 2021 in Crossroads Tavern and its founding members were Knobulous Rex, Senior Beavis, Gnorman, and Ordinary Stan. Their headquarters is cottage, inherited by Knobulous, in a small patch of woods just outside of Crossroads Tavern. After the second mission, the team started to have doubts about Stan.

The deeds of the band are a bit murky from May 2021 till April 2023, when they re-emerge to do some mountain scouting for the Cat Crew. They seem to have gained a few levels in the meantime.

Mission 1: Feb-13 2021–Gnome-1.
Mission 2: Feb 16-20, 2021 Gnome-2
Mission 3: Feb 27, 2021 Gnome-3
Mission 4: April 25, 2021 Gnome-4
Mission 5: April-June 2023 Shumphold Report

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