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 Haranshar

Haranshar is populated by 3 goblin tribes that share a bloodline. They were all semi-independent until conquered by the Shadardrin bugbears of the wormcult. After bring conquered they were ruled harshly by the wormpriest. He used their labors to enrich his coffers and their manpower to bolster his armies. The three tribes were the Sordashar, Shaeshar, and Doonshar goblins. While the goblins have no centralized capital city, the region has 3 small fortresses that control the region. It is currently ruled by Helpful Bill.

226 square miles ~15 mile radius when combined with the Valdar province. Haranshar province is in the southern part.

3gp/family land revenue 1792 families 21504gp/month gross - Land, Services, Taxes (high taxes, +2gp per family, -2 morale rolls)


Morale The citizens are steadfast in their support of their leader which makes it hard for spies and thieves to operate and increases service income by 1.

Stronghold 157500gp – split into 3 separate forts that control the land. One is the original home of each goblin tribe, now combined into a single domain Upkeep Cost: 787.5gp/month

Settlement none


Garrison Cost:

170 Hobgoblin conscripts – 1020gp/month

Tithes 10% of gross 2150.4gp

Taxes 20% of gross 4300.8gp

Festivals 2986.67 gp/month

These conscripts will also be trained, however they wont be nearly as sufficient as the bugbears for garrison purposes. A lot of recruitment will have to be done to add mercenaries.

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