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The druids are a caste of priests and wise-men among the Westerlings. They teach a worship of the forces of nature, and powerful spirits that rule over these forces. Unlike the Church of Bor, the Druidic faith is not exclusive, so if you pray at a druid shrine, you may also pray elsewhere and the druids don’t care. The druids believe that the dead spend a period in the Spirit World and then are reborn on earth, and that there is a strong tendency for the dead to be reborn to those of blood relation to themselves. Druid doctrine sees both the god Bor and the Demons and Devils of Chaos to be invading outsiders to the world and reject both of them. The most commonly worshiped gods of the Druids are 4 of the High Gods representing the elements: Taranis (air), Govannon (fire), Lir (water),and Danu (earth), although all 12 neutral high gods are worshiped . Druid characters are part of the shaman class. Druids wear white robes as a sign of office, and use mistletoe as a holy symbol.

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