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Tiberio is an Ardean commoner with a lot of ambition. He joined the school of Mulfando to learn magic, and intends to use his magical power to secure a place among the Ardean nobility. All those who refuse to recognize his placed will have their minds changed. Literally, if Tiberio gains enough magical power. Upon becoming ruler of his own domain he changed his name to have an Ardean nobility suffix, becoming Tiberius.

Tiberius is a member of the Skull Collectors and is working closely with the other members. With the current political climate there may not be many other allies to turn to in times of war.

Tiberius employs Helpful Bill and Sister Helena

Tiberius has researched several spells. -Tiberio's Loyal Berserkers. -Tiberio's Fast Travel

He is recruiting mercenaries to the Hydra Legion, which will form the core of his army. The Legion is based in Fort Hydra.

Tiberius rules The Realm of Valdar from his personal domain of the same name.

Tiberius Final Stats at Campaign End

Mage 11 Str 10/Int 18/Wis 7/Dex 13/Con 9/Cha 11 HP 28 AC 10

Proficiencies: Adventuring, Bargaining, Collegiate Wizardry (Mulfando), Alchemy, Military Strategy, Magical Engineering x2, Leadership, Seduction

Languages: Common, Ardean, Elvish, Shishorn, Trollish

Mortality: Glow like a candle to undead within 60', Smashed knee

Spellbooks with: 1- Sleep, Charm Person, Hold Portal, Summon Berserkers, Tiberio's Improved Berserkers, Magic Missile, detect magic, unseen servant, protection from evil, wall of smoke, ventriloquism, floating disk, magic mouth, read languages, burning hands 2- Summon hero, continual light, glitterdust, Tiberio's fast travel, knock, deathless minion, locate object, detect secret doors, alter self, mirror image, esp, wizard lock, phantasmal force 3- growth, dispel magic, fireball, protection from evil sustained, enervate, haste, water breathing, sumon winged steed, command person, gaseous form, chimerical force 4- Summon fantastic creature, spell storing, charm monster, summon the consumer, Tiberius' Quick reactions, hallutionary terrain, polymorph other, spectral force, minor globe of invulnerability, wall of ice 5- curse of the swine, wall of stone, enchanted container, cone of cold, hold monster 6- globe of invulnerability, death spell, disintegrate

Prior to disappearance he would research many more spells of his own design, including new summoning spells, protection spells, and enchantment spells.

Items: 50k gp library, 50k gp workshop, to be continued

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