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Important Campaign Documents can be found here:

#1 THE SKY MALL: a catalogue of weaponry, armor, vehicles, robots and a variery of other gear: sky_mall_booklet.pdf

#2 RHYLANOR EXPRESS HOUSE RULES: contains modifications to standard Traveller character generation, revised Space Combat system (based on Book 2 and Mayday), revised Ground Combat system (based on Striker), additional details on Medicine, Science Projects, Breaking and Entering, and Investigations. rhylanor_express.pdf

#3 BLANK CHARACTER SHEET: character_sheet.pdf

#4 STARSHIP CARDS: these are a series of cards for use in space battles. They give the combat information for all the common Traveller starships, plus a series of others taken from adventures and other published sources:

commerical_vessels.pdf mercenary_vessels.pdf naval_vessels.pdf pirate_vessels.pdf private_vessels.pdf scout_vessels.pdf small_craft_10_20_30.pdf small_craft_40-95.pdf vargr_vessels.pdf zhodani_vessels.pdf

#5 VEHICLE CARDS: these are a series of vehicles and robots from the Sky Mall, only with weapon stats and some upgrades, ready for use.

aircraft.pdf grav_vehicles.pdf robots.pdf tracked_vehicles.pdf watercraft.pdf wheeled_vehicles.pdf

#6 QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS: here are 2 sheets for quick reference during ground or space combat personal_combat_quick_reference.pdf space_combat_reference.pdf

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