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This is the wiki page for Traveller Campaigns run by the august and venerable Lords of Hack Club

“Traveller with the Lords of Hack, it's like Firefly, but everyone's Jayne Cobb.”


In the era of recovery from the Fifth Frontier War, a varied group of Travellers are informed that they are the heirs to a trading company whose assets are now being released after war-time commandeering. They must assemble and take up with the exploration and trade opportunities in District 268 and the Outrim Void beyond.

Fulton Document Page: here you will find various documents (Gear Book, House Rules etc) useful to the campaign.

Fulton Log Page: here are the logs for the various game sessions of the campaign

Fulton Background Page: here are campaign-specific Library Data, Letters, News Reports etc.


This campaign is called The Rhylanor Express and was a classic (modified) Traveller campaign, set in the Spinward Marches in the 1100's of the Third Imperium. It ran during 2013 for 16 sessions. The players discovered an abandoned Sword Worlds blockade runner, refurbished it and fought against the machinations of a super-villain, Dr. Zhentu Fung, only to to see most of them perish in a space battle in the aftermath of sacking the headquarters of Fung's conspiracy.

Document Page: go to the document for rules and gear and other useful documents. document page

Follow this link to the page where the game logs are located: logs page

Follow this link to the page where news reports and in-game documents (such as X-boat messages) can be found: news page

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