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The Rhylanor Express Game Logs:

On day 002, year 1111 of the Third Imperium, Verdon Thuul met Screaming Jack Murdoch on the planet Skull in the Spinward Marches, thus our campaign begins:

Session 1: Verdon and Jack undercover a sinsister plot on Skull and then commit a series of crimes on Equus: rhylanor_1.pdf

Session 2: Nine adventurers travel to Rhylanor, join forces for a misadventure on Heroni rhylanor_2.pdf

Session 3: Baron Church and Sergeant Griswald form a mercenary unit to finish a job left undone by Verdon and Jack rhylanor_3.pdf

Session 4: The crew of the Festivus are joined by Baron Carlo Fossi's crew, they seize a pirate ship and face trouble on Rhylanor rhylanor_4.pdf

Session 5: Ace Nabunto meets his doom, the crew teams up with Hitler, the Death Ranger takes flight rhylanor_5.pdf

Session 6: The Death Ranger engages the pirate fleet rhylanor_6.pdf

Session 7: Tim's Tornado takes on three mercenary tickets rhylanor_7.pdf

Session 8: The Death Ranger, Baron Fossi, and Tim's Tornado take the surface of the pirate moon rhylanor_8.pdf

Session 9: The Death Ranger and Tornado finish the pirate moon, and split the booty: Festivus regained! rhylanor_9.pdf

Session 10: The crew of the Death Ranger is lured into a trap on a disco-loving world rhylanor_10.pdf

Session 11: The crew of the Festivus rescues Chun Lee from ninjas and releases an atomic monster rhylanor_11.pdf

Session 12: The crew reorganizes and picks a captain rhylanor_12.pdf

Session 13: Robbing and killing, old school rhylanor_13.pdf

Session 14: The Death Rangers free a planet oppressed by mercenaries rhylanor_14.pdf

Session 15: The crew makes arrangements to attack Dr. Zhintu Feng's lair rhylanor_15.pdf

Session 16: The horrifying conclusion of the Rylanor Express Campaign rhylanor_16.pdf

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