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Session 1: Wherein the heroes track some of the humanoids who sacked Fort Trefrey back to their lair.

Session 2: Wherein the heroes find the remains of a noble of the fallen empire of Acherousia and continue to press the attack against the humanoids.

Session 3: Wherein the heroes empty the goblin lair and discover what it was that the humanoid horde was looking for when they sacked Fort Trefrey.

Session 4: Wherein the heroes venture into the Sunless Citadel.

Session 5: Wherein the heroes defeat the Guthias Tree and the master of the Sunless Citadel.

Session 6: Wherein the heroes journey to the Valley of the Snails in order to save their friend Arborlore.

Session 7: Wherein the heroes free the nearby town of Knowles from menacing bugbears.

Session 8: Wherein the heroes descend into the tomb of Jael Arachnos.

Session 9: Wherein the heroes explore a tomb in search of an artifact that Jael Arachnos needs to continue his vile plans.

Session 10: Wherein the heroes venture into a ruined temple of the Serpents.

Session 11: Wherein the heroes rout the inhabitants of the ruined temple of the Serpents and uncover the full scope of Jael Arachnos' plan.

Session 12: Wherein the heroes destroy a marauding band of bugbears backed up with some magic most foul.

Session 13: Wherein the heroes cleanse a northern road from the scourge of bandits.

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