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Presented here are a series of options for players to create parties and investigate.

SECTION 1: Complete Adventures: To be played with a DM

SECTION 2: Maps Only: can be played with or without a DM, using random stocking techniques

SECTION 3: Just an idea so, far, give me some lead-time and I'll get it properly ready

SECTION 4: Reserved for Completely Randomized or solo Play

  • GOBLIN WAR climb the mountains to join the Dwarves against their goblin foes, level 1+
  • CASTLE OF SIX LIZARDS what lies beneath an abandonded keep, claimed by nagas? level 3+
  • BILGE JUNCTION a ruined town near Crossroads Tavern, common hideout for raiders who prey on the caravan trade, filled with ruins. Level 1-5.

SECTION 5: Completed adventures

  • Quellintan transformed ruin over a Hell Mouth cleared a second time.
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