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Bygone Age Heroes

  • Bernardo the Magnificent: a dashing sailor, some say thief and pirate, and master of the rapier. He was run out of his home in the Islands of the Sea Barons when he refused to join in their alliance with the Overking. He sailed his ship to Irongate and has been working to save the town from the clutches of Aerdy until he can return home.
  • Eruid - One of Bigby's most promising students, Eruid has left his studies and joined the defense of his hometown of Irongate to honor the memory of his maternal grandfather, the great mage Drunnik. Eruid has a very cold, wooden manner reflected in his spell power choice. For example, he is very odd the way he always refers to himself in the third person.
  • Glortho was apprenticed to the City Astrologer of Irongate, but when he returned from a long mission to the city of Rel Astra, he was changed. Grim and absorbed in secret lore of the stars, Glortho rose to become a respected and feared scholar at the university. Now he has revealed magical powers to aid his city in its hour of need.
  • Red Ludwig a life-long resident of Irongate, Ludwig is a dwarf member of the Rockhard clan. He showed more talent for cracking skulls than for making armor, and so rose to be the clan's champion fighter in the town army.
  • Brother Mohr - Easily the most feared warrior of The Mithril Anvil, a monastery devoted to Moradin in Irongate. Brother Mohr is honor-bound by vows of poverty, chastity, and devotion to preserve the city of Irongate for the glory of his deity.
  • Sir Ragrant - This half-elven paladin, one of the five knights of the radiant circle, serves Irongate as a suitor to Lady Awlesh Bento. He is chivalrous, polite, and idealistic to a fault, but his heart is full of strength.
  • Rodrigo was born on a small farm near to the city. Everyone expected him to follow in his father's footsteps and run the farm on Mill creek. But, one summer, Rodrigo was doing garrison duty as a militia spearman on the borders. The post was unexpectedly assaulted by hobgoblins, and Rodrigo showed an unexpected tactical brilliance, preventing the post from being overrun when the captain was slain. He was recruited into the city regiment and has been a rising star on various campaigns.
  • Theris - Shunned by his elven tribe for a forbidden love for a drow priestess, Theris has been tasked with questing to the lands of humans to aid them in their time of need in order to atone for his transgression. Although he has little use and understanding for the ways of the civilized, Theris continues to prove his worthiness as a defender of Irongate with his attitude, tenacity, and steel.
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