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The Cat's Back

Noted adventurer, Mrow, a.k.a. Mr. Ow, a feline magician, has decided to resume adventuring after a 2-year period of magical research and investigation into why trolls that turn good inevitably almost immediately die (see Banjak and ROCK STUPID. Frustrated in his research goals, he started to look for companions to “raid the raiders” as he likes to put it.

Mission-1: Cat-1 Mrow leads new pals back to Quellintan, part 1

Mission-2: Cat-2Mrow, with a slightly different team, cleans up level 1, part 2

Mission-3 Cat-3 entering level 2 they defeat a troll, and are snared by the curse

Mission-4 Cat-4 the demons are slain and the dungeon is cleared.

Mission-5 Cat-5 Shopping, Silk Underwear, Murder and Clues to a dungeon

Mission-6 Cat-6 Smash the stash house of thieves, find the Pits of Damnation

Mission-7 Cat-7 They encounter Fish-guys, Rat-men and Giant Lizards

Misison-8 Cat-8 The team finished Pits of Damnation level 1A, all advance a level.

Mission-9 Cat-9 It's a bear!

Mission-10 Cat-10 A hunt for a sorceress leads to dangerous treasure.

Mission-11 Cat-11 Old Town Boys attack! Back to dungeon

Mission-12 Cat-12 Again with the Hell Hounds

Misison-13 Cat-13Never Trust a Hoborg

Mission-14 Cat-14 Crab vs Carnosaur

Misison-15 Cat-15 Too much acid in your face.

Mission-16 Cat-16 Treasure, Just Lying Around On The Ground

Misison-17 Cat-17 Owlbear Rodeo

Mission-18 Cat-18 You can't quit; you're fired.

Mission-19 Cat-19 Trollin' all day

Mission-20 Cat-20 Useless Dwarves

Mission-21 Cat-21 Some Loose Ends

Mission-22 Cat-22 Floggin' Gang War

Mission-23 Cat-23 Nothing but Vampires, but there's always room for Pudding

Mission-24 Cat-24 Return to Wheatabix

Mission-25 Cat-25 The Once and Future Chuggins

Misison-26 Cat-26 8 Lives Left

Mission-27 Cat-27 Monkey Army

Mission-28 Cat-28 Never Thought to Just Ask

Mission-29 Cat-29 Wheatabix, this time with snakes

Mission-30 Cat-30 Filthy Hoborgs

Mission-31 Cat-31 Cork Hole

Mission-32 Cat-32 Jerks are Worse than Dragons

Misison-33 Cat-33 Triceratops

Mission-34 Cat-34 More than One Way to Raise a Mrow

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