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YOR 2021


MARCH 2021

  • 1–Aspen the Satyr robs and abandons the Iron Scouts. They return to Fhanster Delving.
  • 2–Gordon's Alive! raids the abandoned Temple of the Pudding God, Zubazoo nearly dies.
  • 7–The Cat's Back team raids Quellintan Caverns for a second time.
  • 8–Chuggins is cured of garbage disease at Temple of Lakshmi in Crossroads Tavern.
  • 13–Mrow and the gang return for a third time to Quellintan Caverns
  • 14-16–when the rest of the Cat gang are trapped in the caverns by curse, Renly goes for supplies
  • 17–The Cat gang kill demons and break curse in Quellintan, settling the Hell-mouth?

APRIL 2021

  • 3-9–Cat's Back party moves to Emporion starts to hunt for the Pits of Damnation
  • 12–Zerkwad, Mrow, Mongo, Chuggins and Randy destroy the Old Town Boys stash house in Pits of Damnation
  • 14–Renly and his woodland friends explore a haunted mine
  • 25–Gordon and Scobo killed on an expedition against a goblin lair, teamed up with Gnomes, who survive

MAY 2021

  • May 1–Mrow, Zerkwad, Mongo, Renly and Chuggins explore 1a of Pits of Damnation
  • May 2–They return to dungeon after a night's rest.
  • May 16–Mrow, Zerkwad, Mongo, Renly and Chuggins finish level 1A
  • May 30–Mrow, Zerkwad, Mongo, Renly, and Chuggins explore level 2A, Mongo is killed but Raised at Isis temple.

June 2021

  • June 14–Mrow, Zerkwad, Mongo, Renly and Chuggins return to 2A, defeat Ogres and Fish-guys
  • June 15-16: The Cat crew rests and recovers, Chuggins is initiated into Isis and Osiris, cured of disease.
  • June 17: Cat crew returns to 2A, recovers Obsidian Heart of Cryspion, meet a bear.
  • June 27: Catcrew meet Gighles the Gnoll, raid level 1-b

JULY 2021

  • July 5-7 Cat crew raid level 1-b loot Allatia's spell book
  • July 11 Old Town Boys attack Frat House
  • July 15 Cat crew clear 2A. Chuggins gets garbage disease cured again

August 2021

  • August 8–Mrow, Giggles, Renly search out Garganto and Allatia in Pits
  • August 16-Mrow, Giggles and Renly defeat cult of Set in Pits
  • August 22-24–Mrow, Giggles, Renly, and Zerkwad fight Hoborgs and Specters in the Pits

September 2021

  • September 5–Mongo returns! with Giggles, Renly, Zerkwad, Mrow and Chuggins go to Pits 3A
  • September 8–Team returns to 3A
  • September 11–Team returns to 3A, release unknown sorcerer from stasis
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