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The Following Documents may be useful to Players in the Campaign:

  • Gear List: a price list of a wide variety of non-magical items, including arms, armor, mounts and adventuring gear from the Player's handbook, and non-magical gems and art objects from the DMG, and a whole host of other useful items from halfling cages to underwear to freight wagons


  • Combat Crib Sheet: here's a one-page crib sheet that has some useful stuff for running combats:


  • Monster Cards: here are some files for DM's to print out monster stats on 4×6 index cards:

Goblins (inc. Hobgoblins and Bugbears): goblins.doc

Kobolds kobolds.doc

Gnolls gnolls.doc

Humans humans.doc

Other Monster Files:terror_docks_stats.doc, two_roads_stats.doc

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