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For logs sorted by each team or party, see their group pages:

Chronological List of Logs

  • Gnome-1 Up to Gnome Good fight kobolds bring home some loot.
  • Gnome-2: More successful dungeon looting, but Stan sucks.
  • Goblin War-1: Where's your Ukko now?
  • Gordon-1 Squire Gordon and his comrades root out the Purple Vomit gang.
  • Cat-1 Mrow and a new crew re-visit Quellintan, the House of Regulus.
  • Goblin War-2 Searching the mountains, ripped off by a friend
  • Gnome-3 a heist nearly ends in disaster
  • Sylvan-1 Four heroes of the forest kill some giant rats.
  • Gordon-2 Gordon's Alive! raids the abandoned temple of the Pudding God.
  • Cat-2 Cat goes back to Quellintan.
  • Cat-3The Cat's gang defeats a troll but are snared by the dungeon curse
  • Cat-4The demons are slain and Quellintan cleared of evil
  • Goblin War-3 Stout Striders search for Iron Scouts
  • Cat-5 A shopping trip in Emporion leads to murder investigation and clues to a dungeon
  • Goblin War-4 Stout Striders learn the location of the goblin stronghold
  • Cat-6 The crew finds the stash house of thieves, and the Pits of Damnation
  • Sylvan-2 Sylvan Trio plus one explores a haunted mine
  • Goblin War-5 The Stout Striders avert war with the goblins by cutting off several tribes before they even reach Fhanster Delving
  • Gordon-3/Gnome-4 Ill-fated joint expedition where Gordon and Scobo perish
  • Cat-7 First foray into unexplored regions of Pits of Damnation
  • Cat-8 Finish Pits level 1-A
  • Cat-9 That's One Way to Deal with a Bear
  • Cat-10 When the treasure turns out to be the dangerous part
  • Cat-11 Back to the Bear
  • Cat-12 Again with the Hell Hounds
  • Cat-13 Never Trust a Hoborg
  • Cat-14 Crab vs Carnosaur
  • Cat-15 You know what your problem is? Too much acid in your face.
  • Cat-16 Treasure, Just Lying Around on the Ground
  • Cat-17 Owlbear Rodeo
  • Cat-18 You can't quit; you're fired
  • Cat-19 Trollin' all Day
  • Cat-20 Useless Dwarves
  • Cat-21 Some Loose Ends
  • Cat-22 Floggin' Gang War
  • Cat-23 Nothing but Vampires, but there's always room for Pudding
  • Cat-24 Return to Wheatabix
  • Cat-25 Once and Future Chuggins
  • Cat-26 8 Lives Left
  • Cat-27 Monkey Army
  • Cat-28 Never Thought to Just Ask
  • Cat-29 Wheatabix, this time with snakes
  • Cat-30 Filthy Hoborgs
  • Cat-31 Cork Hole
  • Cat-32 Jerks are Worse than Dragons
  • Cat-33 Triceratops
  • Cat-34 More than One Way to Raise a Mrow
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