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Session 0: “The Mighty Throne”
7 heroes save Irongate in the year 15

Session 1: “Kill Billy Volume 1”
An assortment of adventurers do battle with a Were-rat Cultist

Interlude 1: April 22-June 30
Our 4 survivors settle down in Irongate, and Brother Krodar vanishes

Session 2: “The Quest for Krodar”
4 adventurers seek Brother Krodar, he finds them, and they defeat goblins raiders and prevent a feud.

Session 3: “The Slavers of Onnwal”
A group of heroes are recruited by a powerful merchant princess to investigate a prosperous farming village.

Session 4: “Irongate Heroes' Day”
Athalric fights his bastard brother, the heroes try to storm a villa, and they capture a pirate ship.

Session 5: “The House on Red Stone Street”
Our heroes find the mysterious cause of high bidding on a property inside Irongate. And there's a magic monkey.

Session 6: “The Bones of Kozubal”
Two new-comers help lead the group on a quest to ransom a kidnapped dragonborn woman. And there were giant ape-men.

Session 7: “Assault on the Slavers' Stronghold”
A curious artifact is recovered from the sewers of Irongate, and the heroes fall after storming a major stronghold of the Yellow-Sail Pirates of Wooly Bay.

Session 8: “Revenge on the Slavers”
The heroes escape from the slavers, and go off to retrieve an ancient sword.

Session 9: “Knock, Knock. Who's There? NINJA!”
Red Scale is stolen by ninjas, and the newly-named “Mighty Get 'Em Gang” clears a new trade route across hobgoblin country.

Session 10: “The Slavers' Stockade”
The “Mighty Get 'Em Gang” fights off an attempt on their lives and destroys a bastion of the slavelords at the border of Irongate.

Session 11: Swamptastic!
An old friend leads the Mighty Get 'Em Gang into a swampy hellhole.

Session 12: White Plume Mountain
The heroes explore the stronghold of the ancient wizard Keraptis in search of three artifact blades.

Session 13: So Evil a Tiefling Could Do it

Twins are vanishing! It's EVIL! irongate_13.rtf

Session 14: The Tower Beneath
The Mighty Get 'Em Gang uncovers the mystery of the Iron Pool.

Session 15: The Slavelords' Rebuke
Waves of assassins swarm Irongate in search of killing the Mighty Get'Em Gang.

Session 16: Death Trap of the Ghost Pirates
Pirate assassins are trailed and cornered at a haunted tower, but the Mighty Get 'Em are the ones who are trapped. Farewell to Nurz and Vladimir. irongate_16.rtf

Session 17: The Slavelords' Fall
The Mighty Get Em Gang targets the slavelords for revenge and wins against all odds. irongate_17.rtf

Session 18: Who Cares What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men
The Mighty Get'Em gang chases the Slavelord Ajakstu into the Shadowfell irongate_18_1_.rtf

Interlude 18-19 Ice Trek The Mighty Get 'Em Gang travels from the Ice Barbarians back home to Irongate Ice Trek

Session 19: Everybody loves the clown god, so why don’t you? (or In The Shadowfell, Zagyg Sits laughing)
The Mighty Get'Em gang searches for a demi-god's pillow. irongate_19.rtf

Session 20: Rise of the Venture Legion
The Mighty Get'Em gang clears out the Wizard's Tower of Irongate and builds its own mercenary company. irongate_20.rtf

Session 22: Lizards of hill top fort
The Mighty Get'Em gang does a job for the Irongate military, and fools a very stupid dragon. session_22_log.doc

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